I grew up pentecostal. I’m old enough to have been eligible for the draft during the Vietnam war .It was my father’s family’s church. There is more than one denomination that calls itself “The Church of God”, so they append the location of the headquarters for identification: Cleveland, Tennessee. The family were all Roosevelt Democrats and voted for Kennedy and Johnson. When I applied to be considered a conscientious objector to the Selective Service, I followed a handbook put out by the Quakers. They said it would be good to have recommendations from ministers. My father’s two brothers were both ministers in the family denomination. It was only when I asked my uncle for a letter of recommendation to the draft board that I found out fascinating aspect of family and church history. Both of those uncles were conscientious objectors during WWII, and the church had originally been known for it’s pacifism. That pacifism was already waning by the Vietnam war. And now? My fathers family is still connected to that church, but nowadays they are all died-in-the-wool Fox News republicans. Nobody in that family or church talks about the pacifist past anymore and they would all say just what you said, that they “traditionally align conservative”. Perceived traditions often don’t run as deep as you think.

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