I love Evonomics.com, one of my favorite sites.

I appreciate that you were trying to keep it simple, I just have trouble with that dominant alpha male myth which keeps getting repeated, reality has proven much more complicated than that.
That dominant male narrative actually undermines something else that you say, which I find very important:

Human beings are deeply social creatures. We arise from the natural world and are profoundly immersed in webs of dependency from the first drawn breathe to the last wavering exhale.

Those interdependencies exist even in the ape societies where much of the dominant alpha male narrative arose from early research. A tyrant would soon lose his necessary support in an ape society. There is nothing for the dominant male to hide behind in a chimpanzee troupe. The interdependencies begin direct, are easy to see.

I’m pretty sure tyrants arose after civilization created societies on a large enough scale to create societal structures to hide behind, making the interdependencies more indirect and hidden from view. Such tyrannies are an artifact of civilized man, not our inborn mammalian nature. Oh, sure, there are natural tendencies humans have which can lead to tyranny given the right circumstances, but the necessary circumstances are more modern.

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