Wow, you really hate her don’t you.

#1 — She says she wanted to carry one device with her (no mention of servers). Comey says she had multiple devices over four years. So she upgraded her phone once in a while. Unless you can show where Comey says she carried them all at once, doesn’t sound like a lie.
#2 — She says she didn’t send any. He says they were in the email chain. So where does he say that she sent them? There were many people’s emails in the chains.
#3, 4 — Sounds totally consistent with what I said about someone being in over her head with email server tech. Sounds totally like the kind of thing I’ve heard from not-very-tech-savvy managers at tech companies. There’s no real reason to assume she didn’t believe what she said. And she was right, what she was doing with private servers was allowed, she and her staff just didn’t do a good job of the procedures required of them if they did use a private server.
Bonus Lies:
sniper fire — the statement is perfectly consistent with misremembering. This is backed up by plenty of science. Eyewitness are horrible. This happens to everyone. It was a stupid thing to say, but there is no reason to assume that it isn’t the way the way she remembered it. Reminds me of Reagan telling movie stories as if they were real.

Dead Broke — This was a tone deaf statement (I did mention that I actually don’t like Hillary Clinton much), but people’s perceptions of broke are relative. It’s right up there with Donald Trump’s small one million dollar loan from his father. But a tone deaf statement isn’t a lie.

So, all of that and you have failed to produce a straight up lie. A lot of things that she probably shouldn’t have said, but nothing where you have proven that she was making a statement she didn’t believe.

You may be right, she may have lied somewhere. Most people do from time to time. But please do your own homework and if you come back again calling her a liar, make sure it’s provably a lie.

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